1. If I have questions who can I contact?

You can hit us up on twitter @gayapparel_ or by email gayapparelclothing@gmail.com

2. How do returns work?

Good question. Returns will work on a case by case basis. Email us the issue you have with your purchases, and we'll help you out!

3. How're you so cute?

Good genes and good hygiene, or as I like to call it HighGenes (eh? eh?)

4. Can I share these with my friends?

We can't stop you, but tell them to buy their own. 

5. What's your social media?

Our twitter: @gayapparel_

Our instagram: @gayapparelclothing

6. How long till I get my order?

Production of items usually takes between 3-6 days. Shipping depends on where you are - US: 2-8 Days. Canada: 5-10 Days. International: 8-30 Days.